A Yard With A View

March 8th, 2011 by
If you want a picture perfect yard, you need to look at it through an artistic lens. Every window and door in your home is like a frame for a portion of your yard. As you develop your landscaping strategy, think about how your yard will look from each of these vantage points. Is the view obscured by too much foliage outside the bay window? Is an ugly stump concealed from the street but visible from your kitchen? Fix these issues to maximize your visual enjoyment from every angle. Create a New Vantage Point You can also add more frames through the use of pergolas and arbors. These create additional “scenes” throughout your property. Here’s a lovely example of an eye-catching lavender gate.

Lavender Gate in a Garden

(Mick Fisher Langhorne, PA)

The paint color might seem a little over the top or distracting, but the fact that it matches the blooms in the yard just beyond actually makes it a very clever choice. Your eye is naturally drawn through the gate and into the flower garden. Take Advantage of Your Location Sometimes, it’s not your own property that you want to showcase but the surrounding natural landscape. That’s the case with this home in Hawaii. The deck is about as plain and unadorned as you can get. But with a view like that, who cares?

 Hawaii Patio View

(Paradise Found Lihue, Kauai, HI)

Cover Up the Ugly At other times, the view is anything but special. In these cases, it’s a good idea to block out the offending sight and concentrate your landscaping efforts closer to home. Here’s an example of a property with a high wall strategically placed to shield inhabitants from the reality of the outside world. The trees peeking over the wall give the impression that there’s a lush forest out there instead of a swamp. Hey, it makes the tourists happy!

Cover up an ugly view in your yard

(Galapagos Exclusive Tours Galapagos Islands, Ecuador)