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Know Your Zone!

It’s time for me to let you in on a little secret…I’m not a landscaping or gardening expert! I’m learning this along with you guys! For example, prior to starting YardShare, I had no idea what a “zone” was. Thank goodness a few of you have patiently explained it to me.

The U.S. has 11 growing zones. These zones enable us to easily compare our climate with the optimal climate of a plant (plants are usually marked with their preferred climate zones based on temperature and rainfall). Checking this will tell you if a plant can tolerate your snowy winter or hot summer. You can easily notice what’s growing well in many landscapes and even the countryside. But these aren’t a catch-all. Plants have more than just water and temperature needs, which you’ll discover when you try growing blueberries in sandy soil.

Here’s a good resource for finding out what zone you’re in: Simply enter your zip code and it will return your zone.

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