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Member Inspired Landscaping Ideas & Garden Ideas

Entertaining Outdoors

 Some of us create our outdoor spaces to suit our needs for a private sanctuary. While others, like myself, design our yards specifically for entertaining.  If you entertain often, you might keep this in mind while constructing your yard or making improvements. You can set the perfect mood for your type of entertaining with your landscaping, and you can create different spaces around the home with different atmospheres, such as a formal entertaining space with a more secluded corner hidden behind tall shrubs, as seen here courtesy of YardShare member cusoli…        


Have you thought about a deck for your entertaining? There are numerous options today for creating an unique deck with cozy furniture, a built-in grill, a bar or a gazebo to house a hot tub. It just depends on what kind of atmosphere you’d like: spacious and formal, secluded and quaint, or somewhere in between.

One type of yard may have more formal landscaping with potted plants on the deck.  A neat lawn with a border of shaped evergreens sets off this atmosphere well. Use a central fixture such as a rock garden, bird bath or rose garden to set the mood. The best landscapes are functional and beautiful, so this open yard provides space to mingle. Consider solar lighting around the lawn or flower beds for a nice accent.  Here’s an example of a small yard, courtesy of salamimafia, where the deck is the centerpiece and the furniture makes for a nice place to relax with friends…

What about a patio instead? Depending on the material used for the patio, there can certainly be less upkeep required than a deck.  Although surfaces like slate will require an annual cleaning and sealing.  Stamped concrete is a very good option for those looking for low maintenance, but still wanting a custom look.

One example of a yard with a patio might have a winding walkway with benches and a gazebo to inspire special moments around the garden. There’s a bend in the path that could very well lead over a small bridge with a pond underneath. There’s a patio with tall, lush bushes providing a “secret garden” feeling. The hot tub sits in the corner, surrounded with vine-covered lattice for privacy. Now picture mounded shrubs and a weeping willow that separate the yard into niches. Have a look at this concrete edged patio with natural stone courtesy of Nordby Design Studio

Depending on your location, you’ve still got a month or two until the weather turns in your favor.  Even if you can’t do any of the major upgrades you would like to this year, it’s not too late to spruce things up a bit.  Then just pick a Saturday…get the email/evite/invitation out…and enjoy the summer with friends and family.

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