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Fine Design Interlocking's profile


Services include Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Steps, Retaining and Garden Walls, Natural Stone, Driveway Curbs and Edging Stone, Garden Beds, Pressure Washing and Sealing. Fine Design is an experienced and enthusiastic interlocking stone company, striving to perfect the appearance of your home.

About Us:

Welcome to Fine Design Interlocking, where quality, comfort, design and luxury come together.

#53 Fifeshire Road, Toronto, Canada

Toronto, ON
4606 Views 280 Votes

Fine Design gave this very luxurious home a face lift by adding a new semi circle driveway with elegant stone pillars, classy interlocking stone, lush greenery along with dramatic landscape lighting.

Donnely Project (Toronto, Canada)

Toronto, ON
7998 Views 265 Votes

Completed with an outdoor kitchen with fridge, barbecue, sink and pergola for shade. Wooden benches situated along the garden walls. An 8\' natural stone water fall at the back corner of the yard to

Delgrande Project (Unionville, Ontario)

Toronto, ON
3680 Views 212 Votes

All stone work, garden beds, natural stone and landscape lighting completed by Fine Design Interlocking.

Royal County Down (Unionville Ontario)

Unionville, ON
3887 Views 181 Votes

Newly installed cobble stone driveway, retaining walls, natural stone steps, plant materials and landscape lighting. Visit us at: Find us on Facebook at: FINE DESIGN INTERLOCKI