Jeanie's Garden

Jeanie Wallace in Green Forest, AR

We have a walk-through garden with a covered swing beside a kidney shaped pond,with 3year old Gold fish & water plants. We have a pergola over the end of the house where we have a large bird feeding station.

Deck Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lighting Pond Side Yard Stone / Rock

1 of 15: Fall Cannas 2008

2 of 15: Garden Pond-Fall 2008

3 of 15: Spring 2009,I have periwinkle,creeping phlox and a few other evergreens in the garden,just added two holly bushes.wil have cannas,daylilies,&Glads coming up in a few weeks.

4 of 15: Goldfish Spring 2009

5 of 15: Our birdbath is not restricted only to birds!LOL Holly gets a sip from time to time.

6 of 15: We live on a farm and have lots of trees around the outsides of our yard..Fall 2008

7 of 15: One of our visting birds..poor thing has a tick on its face!

8 of 15: One of the most beautiful sunsets..January 2009

9 of 15: We have a few frogs who live in our pond year round along with the Goldfish. We leave our pump running all year to keep the pond from freezing over.

10 of 15: My constant gardener..good pruner.This is Sadie, a Groundhog that lives in a hole at the base of a Cedar tree in the back of our house.

11 of 15: Spring 2009

12 of 15: Spring 2009

13 of 15: Spring 2009

14 of 15: Spring 2009

15 of 15: Spring Moth on Periwinkles.

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Very nice I also like # 10 picture. I to love the trees

very very lovely!

Enjoyed your pond. Love the trees!

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