Through the Seasons

jannetie in Red Hook, NY

Our yard from summer through winter, with a lovely visitor or two.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Flower Garden Front Yard Garden Side Yard Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock

1 of 30: Mulch paths with ageratum

2 of 30: Colorful corner - black-eyed susans, ageratum, physostegia

3 of 30: Garden from cat corral, with honeysuckle on the fence

4 of 30: Front yard greenery with bird pond and gazing globe

5 of 30: Autumn leaves

6 of 30: Colorful Pokeweed

7 of 30: Late summer pond and garden

8 of 30: Hummingbird Moth in Phlox

9 of 30: Frog with pondweed and lamium

10 of 30: Hummingbird moth, closeup

11 of 30: Sunny Garden

12 of 30: Frog pond in early October

13 of 30: Salvias in early October

14 of 30: Side yard looking south, with wild sunflowers, ageratum, false dragonhead, motherwort and other wildflowers

15 of 30: Frog-in-the-Log

16 of 30: Sunny yard from kitchen door

17 of 30: We are the Woods People

18 of 30: Our house in the autumn woods

19 of 30: Frog on water lettuce

20 of 30: One of our frogs, late summer 2009

21 of 30: Two frogs in a pot

22 of 30: Bird pond rocks and autumn leaves, October 2009

23 of 30: Pond rock with froggie

24 of 30: Pond and garden, late summer 2009

25 of 30: Frog in pondweed

26 of 30: Froggie on the little dock

27 of 30: Frog with pondweed

28 of 30: Frog on a rock with pondweed

29 of 30: Into our woods

30 of 30: Leaf covered front yard

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Thank you, Detlef. I wish we we had more room for more flowers. The froggies are my favorite things!!

You've a beautiful home Janice, and you toke some great photos of it! The close-ups of frogs are stunning, too!

Great pictures of the wildlife. I never could get a good photo of the hummingbird moth.

Loved the visit to your garden.

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