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Gotta love water! The Fountain, natural pond and retaining walls went in first on this very steep incline yard. The kitchen and bike path and gym set followed. We added the pool and hot tub this winter in a very tight space but it works. The home also has a natural bug repelant system and misting system. The owner wanted to come home from work and go outside and enjoy a nice cold beer!

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1 of 8: This is still a work in progress the wrought iron fence is not yet up around the pool.

2 of 8: This yard started with the owner wanting a WOW water feature. This 15' fountain falling into two ponds I think does it.

3 of 8: This natural pond was originally put in for the kids to swim in until the pool went in this winter. It now has koi.

4 of 8: Play gym with a bike path around.

5 of 8: New stone retaining walls replace the original railroad ties.

6 of 8: Top porch looks into the kitchen and Tv area.

7 of 8: Extended top porch in a half circle.

8 of 8: Railing still to be put up but a view from top porch.

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amazing water feature,

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