Pet Rescue Area

Steve in Visalia, CA

Penni & I are animal lovers and have a cat rescue area on our property. It is about 1/4 acre surrounded by 10 ft. high fences and covered by netting (netting is new and pics soon). There are also 2 small barns in the enclosure. The cats have access to one barn (via pet doors) and the other is used for storage & supplies. We recently moved in about a dozen chickens and a rooster to help keep down the weeds and bugs. We're also getting about a dozen eggs a day!

Fence Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lighting Stone / Rock

1 of 25: Inside cat barn.

2 of 25: Construction in Progress. forms laid for concrete

3 of 25: Need to concrete bottom of fence to prevent burrowing animals from digging into the rescue area.

4 of 25: inside rescue area

5 of 25: inside rescue area

6 of 25: view of forms.

7 of 25: closeup of forms. fence will be buried in concrete

8 of 25: inside rescue area.

9 of 25: View of barns. The entire area is covered by a 2-station automatic sprinkler system.

10 of 25: inside rescue area

11 of 25: inside rescue area.

12 of 25: inside rescue area

13 of 25: inside rescue area. tables will be scattered around the yard to that people can 'interview' potential adoptees. The boards from an old fence will be used to build 'forts' for the cats to hide & play in.

14 of 25: bench from an old redwood cross section.

15 of 25: close up of back of barns before gates & pet doors.

16 of 25: Double fenced entry area.

17 of 25: outside front of rescue area

18 of 25: rescue area 1 year later

19 of 25: inside rescue area with forts, lights, plants & trees. Netting now covers the top to keep out owls & hawks.

20 of 25: Inside rescue area. lots of places to play and hide

21 of 25: This is the pet cemetary.

22 of 25: inside rescue area

23 of 25: fountain area

24 of 25: view of 'fort'

25 of 25: dry food feeding area for cats afraid to enter the barn. The chickens have since take this over!

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I love it! Keep up the great work. All of my animals have been rescued. Wish I lived closer to you. I would come and help ya out.

Thanks Karen. It gets tougher and tougher in these times to care for the forgotten and discarded creatures.

What you people are doing is wonderful. I have two Maltese Dogs we bought from breeders and a Cat that we rescued, he was a stray that had been neutered and declawed. He is very pretty with blue eyes. You can see him in my yard. ( Cottage Remodel ) Keep up the good work

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