Charles' Humble efforts

charles in Canada

An attempt to transform a 40 year old weed infested lawn into a water efficient, low maintenance and lawnmower-free beautiful area.

Before & After Curb Appeal Front Yard Water-Wise

1 of 13: Front yard still looks horrible in spite of path and other minor efforts.

2 of 13: Many weeks of hard work later I can now put away my lawn mower.

3 of 13: I put 20 year weed fabric under all gravel and mulch areas with the exception of along the path where I wanted low ground cover to take over.

4 of 13: Left side of the lawn as it used to look with a lot of pretty yellow weeds all over the place.

5 of 13: Left area after extensive landscaping.

6 of 13: I figured a small pond would complement this flower bed.

7 of 13: View from an inside window.

8 of 13: This small 100 gals pond soon became a favorite meeting spot for herons who found my goldfish particularly tasty.

9 of 13: View from the left side at my herb garden. Tulips looks good but they'll soon disappear. Outdoor timer controls path lights and pond.

10 of 13: This is a very unimaginative front path which didn't last long after I bought the property.

11 of 13: Much better front path now. I love curves!

12 of 13: Herb area on the left; weeping Maple (not yet woken up to Spring) and a Rhodendrum still sulking because I cut it down from a bulky overgrown mess to its present shape.

13 of 13: Stone dolphin. Surprisingly easy to make if you prepare the area into squares matching a small picture and then sort out all those gray, white and black stones.

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bonnie lee 7 years ago

Please come and do my yard. Yours is wonderful!

Caryn 7 years ago

Nice solution to the weeding problem. Job well done. Looks Great!

Tony 7 years ago

Looks great!! Well done

Bryan 7 years ago

Nothing humble about this yard! What a change. Excellent job.

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