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We purchased this house and building 5 years ago. Last year we turned a portion of it into studio apartments. The apartments are beautiful, the landscaping, not so much! I have NO experience in landscaping. We don't have a large budget for it but I don't even know where to start. PLEASE give me some advice on where to start. The building in front of the house now has a door between the 2 windows, which is the only thing that's changed. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Covered Patio Curb Appeal Driveway Front Yard Huge (Half Acre Plus ) I Need Ideas! Help! Outbuilding Water Fountain

1 of 3: Front of the building. This building has 1 studio apartment in the back, the front will be a cafe.

2 of 3: Side of the building

3 of 3: The 2 story section of the house has 2 apartments. We need tons of help over the entire property.

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