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Well, the FRONT yard is done. Mostly. It IS trial and error over time, right? I love it because it's all me and exactly what I was after; it solved a few problems well and looks great with the house. I have a fondness for year-round interest and like my beds even in winter. I drew a plan in crayon on construction paper before the boxes were unpacked in this house, and a few years later had my vision professionally installed. The designer said I was their toughest customer yet because I knew exactly what I wanted, and it's hard to get inside someone else's head (vs handing money to a nursery and saying "here make it look pretty"). Being new to Va I did need help with picking some plant varieties, but I had the textures and colors all laid out in my head. I also had already installed a few "anchor" plants that are now established and worked out perfectly.

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1 of 26: Sedum. Oh I love these little guys!

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4 of 26: Sedums "all grown up"

5 of 26: Firepower Nandinas with Jap Maples

6 of 26: Golden Barberry with hosta (under bloodgood maple)

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8 of 26: Barberries on rock wall

9 of 26: Step on me. I keep forgetting what this is, but it smells sweet in full bloom and loves to be stomped on.

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13 of 26: I love the color contrasts in my yard.

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20 of 26: All done. So much nicer!

21 of 26: This Bloodgood was my 5th anniversary present, along with a pear tree planted near the driveway. This maple and the blue spruce were my visual anchors when I was designing the beds. I did have a Professional help me with plant varieties and installation.

22 of 26: I had the stone set in concrete. Glad I did, too.

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24 of 26: The Blue Spruce was here to start with. I got it on sale in the "half-dead" section at Lowe's for $49. I'd spent all year looking for one, but new house meant no budget for a $300 tree. This one just LOVES the new bed and his barberry friends. Gotten huge and gorgeous and is a home to song sparrows and purple finches (love love my birdies!).

25 of 26: Good shot of the steps- there was a lot of slope to cover.

26 of 26: Our dwarf Hinoki cypress the kids call the Bunny Tree (you can see why, yes?). It's not much bigger now, still looks bunny-ish after a few years. I love it for an accent stand-alone piece. The lorapetalum is ok too. The grass behind and juniper will probably be replaced this year or next in favor of more lorapetalum and a different variety of grass. Maybe a Blue Fescue.

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