Christys House

Christy in Warsaw, NY

I have a fairly big yard and new garden. Long narrow back yard with vegetable garden. Mid size front yard with split rail fence and walk through garden.

Back Yard Deck Fence Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lighting Outbuilding

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NorettaG 1 year ago

Hi! I love your garden! Would you be interested in being featured on a magazine? here's my contact

flrn64 2 years ago

Love the outhouse, did you build this yourself or have it made? Very beautiful sitting area too!

Joan 2 5 years ago

Wonderful gardens with many compartments, decorative touches. It is plain to see that a lot of thought went into planning it. As beautiful as it is now, if a couple of years it will be breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie955 6 years ago

I LOVE the outhouse. Have been thinking of one of those in my valley garden to hold some garden equipment.

Deronda 6 years ago

your yard sure is pretty! love the flowers and the little out house. I have thought about putting a real one out by my garden!! could also use it for garden hoes and rakes. Adorable. Thats a great idea to recycle old wood! thanks for the tour of your garden, great ideas.

Lark 6 years ago

I enjoyed the walk through your gardens. The vivid colors really catch your eye, BEAUTIFUL! The use of garden art is perfect, ofcourse the BLUE birdbath is a favorite. Is your little outhouse a tool shed? Very unique. I enjoyed my first cup of coffee strolling through your yard.

Renee 6 years ago

Nice garden! Oooh.. it looks like alot of work. Thanks for the show.

Lori 6 years ago

Your gardens are beautiful with lots of quaint little areas. Very very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Bryan 6 years ago

What a beautiful yard! Congrats on being a featured yard this week.

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