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Tara Geoffroy in Linden, MI

My yard is a nightmare and I need some serious help. (step by step) if its any indication i planted an evergreen at my last home and it died. Given the fact that this is a mobiel home park and I am broke i want to keep costs very low and do it my self if it will make it cheeper. I want lots of flowers in the front but have not a clue how to build flower beds that would look good. I do know that i want a lilac bush or several in one place becuae i love picking the flowers in summer and putting them in a vase. I need a deck out back and stairs to the water and then an additional small platform by the water. maybe i could put the stairs and additional platform later? anyway on the side of the house i would like to have a vegetable garden in a box i guess and then stepping stones or a walk way of some kind out to the front sidewalk but i need something i can use in winter too because i would like to use the side entrence as a primary entrance for our family insted of the front door. The other side of the home is reserved for a shed space and it will sit in the front next to my neighbors shed. please give any and all advice as to how to do this materials needed approx cost ect. I have never decorated a yard in my life and it would be nice if i could get some much needed help. thanks

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1 of 10: Front Yard Left and Partial View of Wood Stairs

2 of 10: Front Yard Right

3 of 10: Front Yard Ground Next to Small Wood Porch

4 of 10: Side Yard Left

5 of 10: Side Yard Left 2

6 of 10: Side Yard Right

7 of 10: View out back through the glass doors

8 of 10: View Of Back Yard From Left Side of Trailer

9 of 10: View Of Back Yard Sloping Down To the Pond

10 of 10: Larger View of Back Yard

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thanks that sounds like a good place to start

My suggestion based on my own experience would be to start cutting out pictures in magazines of ideas that you would like to incorporate into your space and put them into a landscape notebook--break it down into areas--even bookmark websites, like this one, and put the ones you like into your favorites, take pics of yards in your neighbor, etc and put them all into a "landscape notebook." Then once you have the ideas you can begin to create a plan. There are several websites that can help yo

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