Humble Beginnings

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Just now really getting into my yard. I live on 200 acres so I really have no boundary around the house which I find challenging. Right now all my beds are up against the house. Working with a tight budget so I try to be creative. It really helps that 90% of my flowers were gifts. My mother in law ships us flowers for our anniversary every year. :0) Most of the stones around my flower beds were left over from construction sites. (My brother has a construction co.) I just installed the pond for my husband. I am waiting on stones to put around it. Also just started the Hydrangea bed. Will update as I get more things.

Flower Close-ups Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Pond Stone / Rock

1 of 16: Near the front entry. Society garlic and a Dahoon Holly in the background. Some Shasta Daisys will be popping up soon and a Lilly or 2.

2 of 16: Pond I just installed for my sweet hubby. Waiting on rocks and flowers to put around it. Next to the back porch.

3 of 16: Rose bed lining the driveway. 3 Strawberry and Cream roses and 2 Double Knockout roses.

4 of 16: This is the walkway from the drive up to the front porch. Lots of different flowers here. All were gifts. (My Mother-in-law buys me, I mean US, lots of flowers for our Anniversary and has them shipped to me) Catnip, Hollyhock, Alyssum, Geranium, Asparagus Fern & Dipladenia. Two VERY large Hibiscus will be popping up soon here near the stake. They get about 4ft tall within a month.

5 of 16: Same bed with a view of the Coreopsis and Dahoon Holly.

6 of 16: I just love my urn with the Alyssum spilling out. :-)

7 of 16: Coreopsis, Geranium, Lantana

8 of 16: Pond with the flagstone around it. Hydrangea's in the bed behind it that I just planted

9 of 16: Finally got some flagstone left over from a pool installation. Placed it around the pond. Now I will need to get a flower or two in it.

10 of 16: New flower bed just waiting for more to be planted in it.

11 of 16: One of my Hibiscus plants finally popped up.

12 of 16: Decided on making the pond larger and putting some Koi fish in.

13 of 16: Classic "TEXAS" picture. During the drought of 2011 this little guy got thirsty!

14 of 16: My new exotic hibiscus

15 of 16: My 10 inch plate hibiscus

16 of 16: This guy was in search of water too during the drought!

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