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Lark in Dousman, WI

In my Wisconsin yard zone 4-5 I have had a long Winter, I am ALMOST ready for Spring. Anticipation of what is to come brings a SMILE to my face.

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1 of 4: The blue Forget-Me-Nots are so pretty every Spring...one of my favorites.

2 of 4: Today is March 20, first day of Spring. This is what I am dreaming of. I have to wait about 3 more weeks.

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4 of 4: This is one of my favorite views of the garden.

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Hello,Lark! Have you been busy? I have been sick with sinus and had to make a trip to Oklahoma, a sister n law died and went to funeral,then past week went to sisters 4hours away so I havent had much time to start seed. Going to start tomarrow I ended up giving most of my cuttings to my sister so I need to start over. Have you started your seed? Have not had much luck with most seed. Going to start in garage and use a grow light. Sams Club had their plants in so I bought some clematis vines and


May I please have some more?


Thanks for sharing the pictures. I cam't wait for spring, the warm sun, and some color poking out of the ground. Tired of looking at the snow. It is beautiful when the snow is white, resting on the trees & bushes, and covering the grass. but when it becomes dirty, I want it gone. I'm ready for Color, thanks again for sharing.

Good Morning Lark, yes it is cold hear and was wet with rain. We did have a little sun yesterday. Snow in forecast for Monday night. Who knows. We moved to Tennessee 1994. Mom moved hear when they retired so we followed. I was a mammas girl:) I am from Tulsa, Okla. I love the weather hear and I love having 4 seasons. Great gardening zone. Yes I do use hormone on my cuttings. I am trying a lot of plants. I will try some cuttings from my hydrangeas as soon as it warms a little. Did cuttings from a

Thank you Lark for such a wonderful comment. I am trying to stay on top of my pics. Gives me something to do. Been to wet to make stepping stones or planters. I cant do any of the remodel work on the inside so I spend most of my time on computer and cant get inspired enough to scrapbook. I cant wait to get outside. I hope next to try some seed, my cuttings are doing ok. The knock out rose cuttings are doing the best. This is my first winter with no work at all. I should start on a school the end

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