Carol's Garden Pond

Carol in Clarence, NY

My father built my stone birdbath. The water from the pond is pumped up to the birdbath, then it overflows into a short stream, then into the pond, and back up again. The birds and fish are very happy! Find the organic fertilizer I use at the website below.

Back Yard Pond Water Feature

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Thank you Lynn. Everybody loves those frogs! This year I have a ton of frogs in my little pond. It's hard to count them, but I think I have at least a couple dozen. Unfortunately I also have a great blue heron that visits occasionally.

Loved the picture of the four frogs together. You have a very nice garden.

How wonderful it is to have something your father built. It's very nice and the little girl is so cute, you can see that she really likes it.


That's my granddaughter - she is a cutie pie.

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