My High Desert Yard

Anne and Tim B in Victorville, CA

I designed my owned yard and find a landscaper to do it.Its very comfortable and lots of seating area coz we have a lot of party every month.We leave in high desert of California called Victorville.On the yard we have a built in grill with refrigerator and storage underneath.I have 3 planters with retaining wall.Small area of grass just to have green in the yard and around the yard we all have evergreen plants coz its a desert we need something that will come back every year.We a separate area with a cement table and fire pit next to it.On the patio we have a coverpatio made of alumawood its very nice and steardy during windy time in the high desert.

Back Yard Covered Patio Outdoor Kitchen Patio Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

1 of 4: This is the view of the grill area and bar area of the patio.

2 of 4: This is the walk way area of the yard towards the cement seating area.

3 of 4: Dining area and entertainment area were the benches is.

4 of 4: walk way towards the circle area...

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Cool grill. I like the rock you used around the outside of it.

It looks like you have eveything you need for those parties. Good job

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