I Got Flowers in Low Places

floweringfamilytree in Lewisville, IN

Home Sweet Home! Our 4 acres, (about half of which is wooded), consisted of one large, broken Mulberry tree surrounded by a tangle of brairs as an "oasis" in the midst of an alfalfa field in 1988. Every blade of grass, tree, shrub, flower, vine, path, etc was placed in the ground with loving care to transform our "alfalfa acres" into our "Home Sweet Home".

Fence Flower Close-ups Front Yard Fun for Kids Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn Patio Side Yard

1 of 7: Prized plants! Two tree lilacs that flank either side of our driveway. Got them for $5.00 each, the nursery said they wouldn\'t make it...they did!

2 of 7: New Island bed planted fall 2008. All plants were going-away gifts I received from a very special group of friends & coworkers when I changed jobs.

3 of 7: Double Pink Peony passed down to me from my Aunt (93 years old this year & still enjoys getting an arrangement!

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5 of 7: Bountiful crop of bing cherries! My 12 year old daughter & I pitted & froze 15 quarts!

6 of 7: Fall 2010 Pumpkin crop from our 1st attempt at raised bed gardening. Conneticut Field Pumpkins & Jack Be Little. Pleased with the crop! None had flat sides, rotten spots, etc. Vines grew onto fence a little & helped produce perfect shape jack-o-lanterns!

7 of 7: winter in back yard looking across to woods

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