Flowerbeds added to the deck

Karen W in Millington, MI

It took me awhile to show these but here are a few of the flower beds I added to the yard since building our deck. this is considered our front yard because we live on a lake. it's a small yard but thats ok, it's much easier to keep up and we have the lake

Deck Front Yard Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Step by Step Project

1 of 25: one of my pretty Lillies this year

2 of 25: front of the deck

3 of 25: in front of the deck

4 of 25: I call this my memory garden on the side of my deck

5 of 25: in front of the deck

6 of 25: view of the deck

7 of 25: this is a clamatis with a small trellis by the well bed

8 of 25: I love these Lillies

9 of 25: this one is hiding our well

10 of 25

11 of 25: another shot of the floers down by the lake

12 of 25: this is a flower bed down by the lake

13 of 25: on the corner of the house

14 of 25

15 of 25

16 of 25

17 of 25

18 of 25

19 of 25

20 of 25: in front of the little patio close to the lake

21 of 25

22 of 25

23 of 25

24 of 25

25 of 25

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Such an amazing yard! Just BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

thank you rugznjones, This is a trex deck and it is off our greatroom. I believe the size is 14'x 19' I do have another album of the deck being built in another album on here. Good luck with your new deck

Great deck.. How big is it? We are planning on doing the same thing off our bedroom..

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