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My house has a giant fence in the front yard. The previous owners built a courtyard with pebble rocks, lava rocks, sectioned off bark w/ trees and stepping stones. On the other side of the fence is all bark. So when you are looking at our house from the curb, you see garage, fence and bark. The curb appeal is definitely lacking.

Before & After Deck Driveway Front Yard I Need Ideas! Help! Lawn Path / Walkway Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project

1 of 2: I hate the fence. I hate the bark. I want lawn and landscape! The fence will be coming down, but I need to have a good idea of what to do after we take it down.

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Try working in stages before addressing the fence.

Option 1 keep fence: Why not take out the front or off center panels of fence and have them used to replace the gates to the right of the garage. Have the remaining fence at the front of the yard shortened to standard height and maybe painted white or stained dark depending on your house color. Leave it open or install a new front gate that doesn't impede visibility. Right now you can start creating a flowerbed that will grow to the height of the shorter fence, laying out a lawn area along the street and a walkway from the curb. On the inside remove the lava rocks from the beds you want to keep, amend with soil and plant each bed individually. Then remove the pebbles and complete the lawn and path.

Option 2 no fence: Begin the lawn/ garden along the street. On the inside of the fence on the left of the house and a long the foundation of the house, remove the lava rocks, put down soil and establish your beds and borders. Then remove the fence and layout the remaining lawn and walkway

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