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Stacey Mundt in Plymouth, MI

Out-of-control! The yard is not bordered correctly, is rather overgrown in places and lacks a Zen quality that is desperately desired. Please offer any advice and suggestions. I love working in the yard and am ready to get dirty!
We have a deep backyard that is fenced in with modern material, as well as vines, vines, vines! Many perennials grow in the garden and along the garage/fence. There is a giant Tulip tree just north of the garage, which blooms beautifully. A mammoth bush, which has grown into a tree, adds shade and charm to the deep portion of the yard. There are wild roses and wild raspberries in various places along the perimeter. Last year, I referred to the yard as "The Jungle", but now it's definitely more tame. Yeah right!

Back Yard Fence Flower Close-ups Fun for Kids Garden Hardscape Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio Stone / Rock

1 of 8: Side patio leading to backyard and garage

2 of 8: The lovely metal fence....blah

3 of 8: Along the back of the house....blah

4 of 8: Back door with an excavated cement paved patio? (There were so many leaves and dirt covering up this beautiful masterpiece...blah!)

5 of 8: Base of the monstrous bush in back of the yard, which, if paved around it, holds a possible charm quality :) The bare areas used to be infested with a Jungle!!!

6 of 8: Vinca, hostas, ???

7 of 8: If you look real close, you may be able to see the edging....still looking...

8 of 8: Checkered lilies, roses, raspberries...oh, no edging?!

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It sounds like there are some good assets in your existing landscaping that can saved. It also sounds like you might be a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand..... creating Zen. I jotted down a few ideas on your home page. This year just GO FOR IT.

This inspires me to bulldoze..:(

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