The Little Pool

Mike in Houston, TX

We did this pool remodel a few years ago and I thought I would share it. This is a patio home with a 20’ x 20’ outdoor space with 12’ brick walls enclosing the space. We started out by painting the white exterior brick walls orange, yellow and blue (Mexican contemporary colors). We found and installed the cast aluminum suns at a local design yard for a song.
We hired a pool company to complete the pool remodel which included tear out of existing pool (they had to go through the house, no back access) build platform to support new waterfall, new plumbing, skimmer, equipment, new deck with flagstone cap, new Sam pool light and grey plaster.
Once they were done my wife and I decorated with plants, table, chairs, Palapa umbrella, I wired and installed Bose speakers, wheeled in the Big Green Egg and we were in business.
As you can see from the living room picture it’s like part of the house. The master bedroom also overlooks the pool. It took us several years to get to this point but well worth it.

Back Yard Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Waterfall

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what an awesome area

So beautiful. I know you enjoy this space....Love how it comes off of bedroom and living room...Bet it is gorgeous mood lighting for the evening!

Wow, perfection achieved! What a wonderful feeling!

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