Pet Cemetary: Landscaping ideas welcome!

I have 5 dogs and 2 cats buried between our henhouse and the side of the barn. I previously let the horses in here but I would like to make a little private garden. I would like to renovate the chicken house with either shingles or board and batten. I would also like to mark all the animal graves with some nice granite or flagstone and then plant lots of flowers around. There is a large apple tree on the neighbours side and I have planted raspberry bushes along the front fence. There is nothing else planted in here...yet. We used to keep the camper and tent set up here during the summer for the kids. You can't see this area from the house but you can a little from the road.

I Need Ideas! Help! Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Other Yard

1 of 7: Standing in side yard facing entrance to "cemetary"

2 of 7: Looking north of gate entrance to yard. These are raspberries that we threw in here...not sure if they will take this spring.

3 of 7: Henhouse and grave sites facing north. I would like to make this a nice private area with lots of flowers and trees...maybe a hedge or large pine/fir trees planted along the fence. This old henhouse needs desperately to be renovated this summer. I would like to use board and batten or shingles and since we don't keep chickens anymore I thought this could be a good garden shed. It would be nice to make a sitting area/patio over on this side of the barn.

4 of 7: Recent graves of two of my from November and one March 30th 2013. This is facing north alongside my neighbours field. There are 7 graves in here and I would like to mark them properly and plant lots of annuals. You can see a nice big piece of pink granite that a friend gave me for my last dog that was put to sleep. (cancer at 13)

5 of 7: Looking towards yard surrounding house and side of the barn. You can see the neighbours house that is directly across the road from us.

6 of 7: Barn needs painting badly. I don't have to use that barn door as I use an elevator in the front of the barn to put up hay. I always wanted to make some nice stairs with a little landing up to this barn door. Maybe even big enough to put a chair and sit up there!

7 of 7: Other side of pet cemetary is another gate to field and back of barn.

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