Marks Yard

crgmark in Greenacres, FL

we have a large open yard that is narrow, but long, its like looking out onto a football field, just under 2 acres in the back yard, about half of it sparsely wooded. The big problem I see is the pool, we like to have the view into the open space of the backyard but also are looking for a little more privacy, the area from the lanai to the raised pool deck will also be a challenge cause water seems to run toward the house in the spring and summer thunderstorms here in FL. The pool sits approximately 3 feet higher than the back of the home. The wood pile can be moved, but it currently acts as a privacy barrier from the 100 yds of open space to the neighbors driveway. Ideally we would like a deck versus pavers. We are Zone 9 for plant ideas, it does freeze here but only a few nights each year
here is a short video of the yard, please excuse the green pool

Back Yard Covered Patio Huge (Half Acre Plus ) I Need Ideas! Help! Patio

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