Need Ideas for this dead space!

allthatca in United States

Well this is the side of the back yard off the patio that looks awful and I'm not sure what to do with it! The other side of the yard has tons of flowers and plants so I would like to go with some hardscape and maybe a firepit? Any suggestions or ideas for a design?

Back Yard Covered Patio I Need Ideas! Help! Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Patio Spa

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8 of 12: Finally doing something about it!!!

9 of 12: Took 3 days

10 of 12: now it's DONE!...the AFTER pic. I'll post more when I get furniture on there.

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s.palisoc 3 years ago

I spray painted my gate in black (can of Listoliem from Homedepot) I don't know if that is the correct spelling, but I helps from rusting out so quickly. This would blend with your bistro set and the firepit...

s.palisoc 3 years ago

If the grass in between each flagstone gets to be annoying, you can always add landscaping sand between each stone or that crushed peeble. I love the way it looks now, cozy.

s.palisoc 3 years ago

Hey, forgot to say that the flag stone by the window looks great. Perfect,low maintenance, fresh and quaint - love it.

s.palisoc 3 years ago

Hey, forgot to say that the flag stone by the window looks great. Perfect,low maintenance, fresh and quaint - love it.

s.palisoc 3 years ago

Ok. LEAVE the ivy alone. I cut my naighbor's ivy right to the very top of the fence, it was just out of control - leaving a little draping over my side, it is brighter, opens it up visually. But LEAVE IT if it is supporting the fence, you can always add little items here and there. The flag stone is perfect, you want to keep those matching or close to it, because than it will look like you just threw it together. Can't wait to see it finished. P.S. You make me laugh.

allthatca 3 years ago

I want to cut the ivy away but the fence is falling DOWN and it's all the neighbor's ivy holding the fence up =( LOL

allthatca 3 years ago

I took some of your advice and the guys are here right now putting in a flagstone patio in that area. I chose flagstone because on the other side of the yard is lots of flagstone for a walkway. I tried to match that. I will post during and after photos soon! DH is gonna KILL me! LOL, I'm surprising him...oh boy wish me luck!

s.palisoc 3 years ago

Keep the stone pathway it comes in handy when bringing things in and out. You'll just have to even it out whether it's curved or straight this way it looks neat. Patio block 12x12 by the window, a nice large squared off area or half a moon. This way you can put a nice patio set with the firepit (this will look cozy and inviting. You can even plop the doggie beds around or under the bench/seats. Patio blocks on the left (as you are facing the gate) The same red bricks(you have those across from the shrubs)starting at the beginning of the red flowered shrubs to the jacuzzi. A couple of nice potted plants against the gate by the wood fence. You can cut some of the vine off the fence, this will make the area brighter and bigger.

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