Yard surrounding Farmhouse

Would love landscaping ideas or advice. I want to have a nice private space as we are close to the road. I have not done much with this yard as I had 4 dogs for 10 years. I also have to bring in a tractor every summer to unload hay to be put in the barn. Because of this, I cannot put paths through the middle of the yard or it won't leave room for the tractor and wagon. I have planted rose bushes and the wild ones are doing well and spreading all alone. I have three blue spruce that are slowly coming and also two cherry trees that are giving fruit. I really want to make this yard private from the road but I am doing a lousy job of it!

Driveway Flower Close-ups Front Yard I Need Ideas! Help! Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outbuilding

1 of 12: North side of the yard from road without a lot of peonies out yet.

2 of 12: Far south side of the front yard directly in front of house.

3 of 12: North side from road closeup of peonies

4 of 12: Both sides of driveway from road looking north. I made the mistake of planting all kind of peonies in a row. I was moving some of the original peonies from the yard and didnt know where to put them so I threw them all along the fence...and there they stay. I was told to dig them out and plant in groups of three. One one side of the fence at the far end there are wild roses that are spreading on their own. I want to make it private from road so not sure what to plant.

5 of 12: North side of house in fall. Large tree has been cut down. I cannot make all kinds of paths in the middle because a tractor has to come in to unload hay. I do want to plant big trees like blue spruce maybe to create privacy. I feel this is just a big waste of a yard and has so much potential but I could not afford to get someone in to plant large trees. I can't seem to get started on anything.

6 of 12: Front of the house from road

7 of 12: North side of house showing barn and gate to field. There is a lilac bush planted by gate on left side. I need to get this barn fixed up, painted and new roof etc. It is just a few feet from the house.

8 of 12: Wild roses that I planted and they are spreading all over and making a good barrier along the fence

9 of 12: I bought these peonies a few years ago

10 of 12: Facing South

11 of 12: Facing North

12 of 12: One of the varieties that I bought.

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