Barb's Backyard

ItsJust Barbara in Yulee, FL

A bit over a 1/2 acre in a country neighborhood. I started in June of 2010 when I bought a foreclosed home on a bit over 1/2 acre. The grass hadn't been watered (other than rain) in over 9 months. The backyard was completely barren- No plants, no bushes, no trees- well, there was ONE small, dying oak tree, approx. 2 1/2 ft tall... and dead grass- This yard was a CHALLENGE for me, and I gladly accepted!

Back Yard Before & After Firepit Flower Close-ups Garden Lighting Outbuilding Pergola / Arbor Step by Step Project Stone / Rock Very Large (10,000 sq ft - Half Acre) Water-Wise

1 of 30: This was the beginning. I bought my new house on June 11th, 2010. I had 3 half dying palm trees in the front yard and a completely barren backyard. Joy...

2 of 30: This is Chinaberry Tree #1. I had been growing in a LARGE POT for approximately 10 years. I ONLY wanted to plant it when I bought a house and when I bought my house, I planted it in the backyard :)

3 of 30: This is the 2nd Chinaberry Tree we planted. It was growing up the back of my Mother's old house .It is VERY tall and thin. You can see that my backyard was over a 1/2 acre of blank slate when I bought it.

4 of 30: This is my Trident Maple Tree. I 'won' it on Ebay for $5. People made fun of my 'stick'...

5 of 30: Decided to add a fence. When I bought the house, the backyard only had a fence on one neighbor's side. I added a picket fence to the back and along the other side and up to the house.

6 of 30: Another view of my nearly barren backyard. Not much too it. Blank canvas. I added the fence & planted a few trees & plants. Then winter came.

7 of 30: Spring 2011 arrived and I planted several of these Mexican Petunias along the picket fenceline. My gramma always loved purple, so I planted them in remberance of her.

8 of 30: The Mexican Petunias I planted a few years ago have grown as well. I have several of these along the fenceline.

9 of 30: Planted a Jasmine Vine along the very back fenceline. Can't wait for it to take over the fence! The aroma of it is very nice!

10 of 30: A Gardenia bush. I Love the smell of the blooms- don't you??

11 of 30: Pink flowers that I got from my neighbor. On the RIGHT is what is left of my birdbath. My clumsy chow-chow knocked it over and it broke in half. I flipped it over and now it looks like part of a mushroom :)

12 of 30: Added two Bottle Brush trees. My grandmother used to have one in her front yard when I was a kid.

13 of 30: I planted a Eucalyptus Tree- it's supposed to keep out moles- but I don't think it's working!!

14 of 30: Added some grasses. Nothing special, but they added texture or so I thought. They have since died. I had tried for 2 years to keep them :/