Brick Patio w/ Pergola

Cindy Williams in Tampa, FL

We started out with just a 10x15 slab of concrete (before shot) and after lots of patience and hard work we turned in into a 12x40 patio w/ pergola where we enjoy lots of fun family times and grilling. We still have lots to do with the yard etc but one project at a time!

Back Yard Before & After Patio

1 of 4: The 'before shot' with the existing 10x15 concrete slab --not much space for a family of 7!

2 of 4: The 'umbrella stage' --we completed our patio in stages --after adding the brick we used 3 large umbrellas for shade --this is BEFORE adding the pergola.

3 of 4

4 of 4: Our new 12x40 pergola --we spend so much time out here enjoying our space. We hope to add wisteria or confederate jasmine very soon for extra shade.

Comments / Questions

Sorry, pergola

Where did you get your pegola?

Nice! I love before and afters! You did a GREAT job!

Beautiful, did you make that free standing and how did you set the post.

Outstanding job!

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