Shewmaker's yard

Candes Shewmaker in San Antonio, TX

Medium yard with pond. Sharing neighbor's yard for a vegetable garden project.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.)

1 of 8: Our back patio

2 of 8: This is our view from the back door. Our garden shed is off to the right.

3 of 8: This is our entrance to the garden area where the pond is. We fenced it off to separate the play area from the garden area.

4 of 8: Our outdoor sink and garden shed. This houses our mower and garden supplies.

5 of 8: The play area for the boys.

6 of 8: Our cold frame and our side entrance to the garden area. Our wagon was filled with tomato plants waiting to be transplanted.

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I love your yard. We are Texas transplants, now living in Michigan. We tried to incorporate a little Texas in our yard. Thanks for sharing!


I love this! It's sooo personal and unique! Excellent job!


I think your space is wonderful! It has so much personality and looks like such a great place to be. I can imagine poking around in all those wonderful nooks and crannys that you have created.

Thank you for sharing your VERY creative garden. I like your use of recycling garden art.

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