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Mom in Tarpon Springs, FL

I have been gardening for 25 years and always wanted to share some of my ideas in the hope that it would inspire others. Recently I found " Yard Ideas" and being new to the Internet I have been somwhat excited about this sight!
I want to share my piece of earth and hope that it will excite you to also do the same. I would love to help in anyway I can, although I must admit I am more familiar with Zones 8 and 9 and some of zone 10.One piece of advice I can give right of the bat - don't try to take it on All at once- and if you need help from experts, ask for it! So get out, dig a hole plant a tree,- plant some flowers as well !! Then Post it on this sight so we can all see what a great Job you did for yourself and for the enviroment !!
Now that I have a bit more familiarity with this "Internet" you will have more ideas that I would love to share coming up soon.

Back Yard Covered Patio Garden General Garden Hardscape Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Path / Walkway Pond Water Fountain Waterfall

1 of 4: had this idea to add intrest -

2 of 4: side of the house going to thr fish pond

3 of 4: added a fish pond with nice shade area

4 of 4: finished another section! had this on my wish list. all these ideas I have done over the years and have many more to share You might get fed up seeing me on this sight but I do LOVE my garden and would love to share with all-

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Very nice, you have quite the green thumb.

Very nice!!! I love the stone paths.

absolutely beautiful!

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