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For the last eight years I have concentrated on building my garden. When I purchased my home none of the structures or plants existed. Majority of work I did myself, except for hiring a contractor to build swimming pool, pond, and deck. All other structures, such as chicken coop, arbors, screened porch in the back of the property, and fence I designed and built myself.

Back Yard Before & After Covered Patio Garden General Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Pond Waterfall

1 of 30: View of the deck from the patio by the pool.

2 of 30: Another view of the back of the house.

3 of 30: Closer to the house

4 of 30: Pond

5 of 30: Pond from a different angle

6 of 30: Fish in pond, Lola loves observing them.

7 of 30: By the pond with Lola

8 of 30: Viewing point

9 of 30: Close-up of viewing point

10 of 30: Outdorr dining space

11 of 30: I raised this citrus tree from a seed

12 of 30: Pool

13 of 30: Pool garden

14 of 30: More of the pool garden

15 of 30: Souvenir from Netherlands

16 of 30: Arbor by the pool

17 of 30: By the pool

18 of 30: Chicken coop

19 of 30: Feeding time

20 of 30: Chick and curious Lola

21 of 30

22 of 30: Chicken coop visiting area

23 of 30: Structure in the back of the property, I call it Dream House

24 of 30: Dream House inside

25 of 30: Dream House from distance

26 of 30: One of my favorite blooms

27 of 30: This is the only lily that blooms in autumn

28 of 30: They are everywhere, small and big

29 of 30: Bougainvilleas are amazing, bloom all year long

30 of 30

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Wonderful garden and Lola is gorgeous. I love German Shepherds :)

Thank you Lynn. Gardens are my happiness!

Very nice. Looks like a nice tropical get away.

What a nice little oasis. Looks like all the hard work was worth it.

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