Texas Drought Gardens 2011

Susan Velzy in Pipe Creek, TX

This is what happens when you haven't had a drop of rain in six months! Everything I've transplanted is drying out, but established plants are doing well -- even blooming! To add color to the gardens, I've added some artwork. Enjoy!

Garden Hardscape Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Native Garden Other Yard

1 of 10: This is a jewelry tree. Note the horned toad hiding below.

2 of 10: Texas has the largest grasshoppers ever!

3 of 10: Old, dead, root art.

4 of 10: A bird has actually drilled holes in this gourd and built a nest inside!

5 of 10: This is a dangerous Red Texas Guardpig

6 of 10: Bowling ball sunflower.

7 of 10: Ye olde barn wall.

8 of 10: We also have giant ladybugs here, they don't fly well.

9 of 10: This gate was already here, just a gate and some trees. So naturally, it had to become a garden!

10 of 10: Looks like oleander blooms no matter how dry it is!

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Great yard, even if it is a little dry and crunchy. I love the side of your barn/shed. My husband and I thought we would like to retire to Hill Country but I think we would miss the water. Thanks for sharing, Lynn

Aren't you clever! Nice ideas.... Sandy

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