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My husband has always likes the grasses so next year we will start a big garden in the front yard to house some. My goal is to make this a drought tolerant bed for the most part. That is a globe willow on the one end. The dog house is covering well equipment. We are thinking a hollow rock over the equipment.
Well we got the false rock for the well head and the wildflowers planted last year are looking good. I have 5 pampass grasses planted 3 white and two pink. I have started laying out paths and I have a BIG sandstone rock picked out of the back edge of the bed. We are starting to gather rock for the paths and the edges. Haven't really done anything to the east end where the tree is because of the shade. It is just not speaking to me yet....

Before & After Front Yard Fun for Kids Garden Hardscape Huge (Half Acre Plus ) I Need Ideas! Help! Path / Walkway Step by Step Project

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6 of 30: It si a work in progress...

7 of 30: Got a false rock to replace the dog house over the well cover. It Looks alot better I think.

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9 of 30: That tower is potatos, radishes and carrots. The Tee pee has cucumbers and green beens to go up.

10 of 30: This is my peonie bed untill I can start on my cottage garden. I am also starting some whooly thyme in here along with some white baptiste I transfered from the pasture and some wild verbena from my friends pasture. There are a couple of theings that we just don't know what they are but the folage was really pretty.

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13 of 30: There is a dark purple iris in the larger ring, some giant coneflower in one of the smaller ones and a paridise bush in the other. The path is lined with silver mondo grass. For now I am marking my paths with bamboo and some clips my son is making out of wire hangers.

14 of 30: Moved this indigo out of my pasture. It is still a little ticked with me...I am hoping the roots will re-establish.

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16 of 30: The bamboo fence will actually be a wall and the yard will be higher then the garden

17 of 30: This is an herb garden. It has rosemary basil thyme cilantro chives and parsley along with 2 peppers and a tomato and some wild bergamot. There will be a fairy garden in the chair whch will be red!

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25 of 30: What I see at the end of the day coming home

26 of 30: The peony bed 05/13/2012 after rock

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Thanks Tonya. I have really enjoyed creating it. Not really what I had in mind at first but I think it will get there eventually....

You have a beautiful peace of land. Your garden looks great and I love the design!

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