An Elegant Backyard Design

A pool and backyard oasis garden. Design based on a 45 degree angle off our home. Very appealing to the eye and soul. Pool has easy in & out steps, a spacious spa with a wet wall, a large 9" deep reef that can accommodate 2 umbrellas. Pool "Pebble tek"color/texture was researched to display the perfect water color. A Firepit table and full BBQ/Refrig area off the kitchen. Patio cover displays custom "ShadeTree Canopies" that can open and close based on the season. Left over indoor floor tiles were broken up and used in a mosaic design in concrete around the pool. A little secret spot for my husband, Rizwan, hides behind the Waterfall Grotto & glass block.....A Perfect Putting Green! A Great space for entertaining many guests, young & old!

Back Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Patio Pool

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