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We are actually in SW Ontario, Canada, about 2 hours from Michigan border...however, this site does not acknowledge Canadian provinces. Our yard is pretty much a blank slate as the house is only 4 years old and the previous owners did not do anything other than cut the grass.

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2 of 6: Fire on the deck

3 of 6: This is the first phase or our deck garden that I planted this year. We also built the deck in July. We will complete the other half next year hopefully.

4 of 6: Rusty crane between Katsura Jap. Maple and Boulevard Cypress.

5 of 6: This photo was taken on the first frosty morning this week...winter won't be long now.

6 of 6: New metal sun for the big blank wall of siding by the deck.

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Your patio area is very nice. I like all the yard art you've used. I hope you have a nice winter.

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