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Lark in Dousman, WI

This is my May-June garden in Wisconsin zone 4-5. It seems odd posting Spring since yesterday I worked 9 hours getting the gardens ready for winter. LOL It is nice seeing Spring flowers again, it gives me hope that the gardens WILL BE alive again.

Flower Close-ups Garden Lawn

1 of 22: The BLUE ceramic birdbath was my first garden gift 13 years ago from my dear Mom. It was my inspiration for a BLUE theme in my gardens.

2 of 22: This Allium is my favorite, Schubertii, Fireworks. It only gets to 10 inches high but, the flower is 12 inches across. Fireworks adds architectural interest throughout the whole gardening season.

3 of 22: Pink Lupine I let reseed wherever it wants. It adds drama and if deadheaded it will bloom for 2 months.

4 of 22: This Sweet William adds that punch of deep burgundy that I like to use in the gardens.

5 of 22: I like using groundcover Sedums inbetween the stones because it can take walking on. I just make sure that I keep it controlled. You can\'t be afraid of throughing this plant out.

6 of 22: Is there any garden that doesn\'t have the old fashion peony????

7 of 22: I LOVE Alliums...nothing eats them.

8 of 22: Orange Oriental Poppy and blue Spiderwort is a favorite combination of mine. I make sure I deadhead the Spiderwort so it doesn\'t become invasive.

9 of 22: Another burgundy accent Coral Bells, Purple Palace.

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11 of 22: White Siberian Iris and Blue Columbine.

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13 of 22: This white Valerian is an herb. It is a \'GO CRAZY PLANT\' if not deadheaded. It blooms early and is VERY FRAGRANT!

14 of 22: Ladies Mantle makes an excellent semi-shade groundcover. It\'s flowers are and excellent filler in flower arrangements. If the plant starts to look ugly, cut it down to the ground and it will come back looking fabulous.

15 of 22: Gold Standard, Sum and Substance and Blue Angel.

16 of 22: Great Expectations and Sum and Substance.

17 of 22: Sum and Substance, Japanese Maple and Great Expectations.

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19 of 22: This is one of my favorite perennials. Not only is it BLUE but with deadheading it blooms for 6-8 weeks.

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21 of 22: The deep blue Siberian Iris and the orange poppies are a favorite combination of mine.

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I love your gardens. I am in the first stages of creating a shade garden. What are the blue items that line your stone walkway in pic #5? The blue birdbath is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

They are bottles, neck buried. Wine, water and vodka bottles I collected from when I volunteered at our local recycling center. The day after New Year's Eve there were ALOT of BLUE bottles LOL. I guess I live in an area with alot of lushes. LOL

Ellie (aka coastalgardener)

I knew immediately when I saw the photo of "recently added gardens" that this was yours. Your touches of blue garden ornaments say "Lark"! It's always a pleasure to see and read the information in your postings. Looking forward to seeing your 2009 garden photos.


Thank You for the comments on our "backyard park." It took three years, and have since added a autumn blaze maple tree. n nI love the room to move you have in your yard, it's very inviting and natural in it's layout. Great! n nThanks again!

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