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Lark in Dousman, WI

www.larksperennials.com My husband and I have always been outdoor people and love our home. We do not travel (except to see our Grandchildren). Our home and life is like a permanent vacation. When we have our meals we say, "Now where would we get a view like this, why go out to eat??" We are very content with what we have. It is not work to us...it is our hobby and pleasure. We are located in Wisconsin, zone 4-5. Come join me, I would love to show you around our backyard.

Back Yard Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Pond

1 of 15: Since we are both retired we do take time to lay in the hammock.

2 of 15: The woodland area is one of our favorite places to take walks.

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4 of 15: Scuppernong Creek borders our property. It is spring fed creek very clear. It is also very shallow so it does warm up enough for us to swim in it during our hot Wisconsin Summers.

5 of 15: We have quite a few Aspens which we love the white bark. Unfortuneately the beavers liked them too. My husband chickenwires the Aspens closest to the creek.

6 of 15: A favorite place to sit, watch and listen.

7 of 15: In the woodland area I leave it go wild. Yes you do see bowling balls as an edging. In Spring this area has a groundcover of BLUE forget-me-nots and YELLOW daffodils.

8 of 15: Our Grandchildren love helping put out deadwood and hauling it to the burn pile. Ofcourse they roast marshmellows.

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15 of 15: This is the southside so I thought it would be the perfect spot to grow veggies in pots. Well it got really hot here so in July we moved the pots to the eastside of the shed and they appreciated less intense sun.

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Wow, i would never leave either.It is so amazing. Love all the blue pops of color throughout. I wish i could come tour your yard . It look so relaxing and just a perfect place to get away ..

Good morning lark......someone shared with me about this website on rate my space......I posted today........as always your garden is a big inspiration to me........smiles


WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Nice work...you should be very proud! Are those bowling balls I saw in the pics? I love the use of the blue throughout the gardens! You need a BIG BIG pat on the back!


beautiful place!!!!

Yes I do composting. In my woodland area I have a clearing that I just keep adding to, it is about 30'x40'. I put all my deadheading debri(I deadhead every morning)and all my cutting back of perennials in this area. I cut back to about 5" alot of the perennials after they are done blooming. I find that doing this gives the perennial next to it CENTER STAGE. The cutback perennial grows new foliage and even sometimes reblooms. I also have a homemade worm farm. I use the castings for topdressing or

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