Backyard at Whispering Oaks

Larry Breidenbach in Mchenry, IL

Our home is surrounded by 9 giant oak trees with an open grass space with a 75 ft. weeping willow, magnolia and redbuds surrounding the perimeter. We have a wonderful sun garden for perennials as well as ferns under the shade of the biggest oak tree in the neighborhood.

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1 of 6: Our yard has an amazing open grass space surrounded by the 75 ft. weeping willow, redbud and flower gardens.

2 of 6: Looking up to the back of our home from the weeping willow as the morning sun begins to warm the sun garden

3 of 6: Our view onto the sun garden full of sun-loving perennials.

4 of 6: This veteran magnolia is still hanging around after 40 years and gave us an amazing blooming season this year.

5 of 6: The circular stones lead to our vintage shed with ferns and hostas growing well under the shade of the mighty oak tree.

6 of 6: We added a bit of character on the back wall of the shed with this green-painted glass window. The sun garden was just getting going in early spring.

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We got the colorful yard ornament in Saugatuck, Michigan at the Gary Daniel's Shop. It moves with the wind. Thanks to everyone for your votes. Friends had suggested we enter our yard in this site and it has sure made us realize what a gem we have in our own backyard. Thanks again, and hey, if you haven't voted --- we would appreciate your vote!

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