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Sue Sheldon in Rochester, NY

We bought this house 11 years ago in "as is" condition. It was surrounded by half dead hedges, had a weed lawn, peeling ugly blue paint, a few shrubs worth saving and the inside was filthy from years of neglect. I can recall saying "only an idiot would buy this house". But the light inside was beautiful enough for us to look past the flaws. The yard was the first priority for me and I was mowing the weeds before the moving van had left the street. Now, when I come around the corner I am glad for the lapse in judgment that made this house our home.

Curb Appeal Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Side Yard

1 of 8: How lucky can we get...we have the street sign, one way sign, speed hump sign, fire hydrant and my personal favorite- the cable box!

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4 of 8: There was a beautiful sprawling maple tree that we lost to the ice storm. This one is about 7 years old and it was worth the added expense to plant the largest caliper we could find rather than a sapling.

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s.palisoc 3 years ago

Devine, just perfect.

Leila Hutchins 5 years ago

Inspiring. I've done the inside of my house, only been in it for a year. The outside needs lots of work. I barely made a dent in it the first summer and am starting now to form a plan for the spring.

andrea sheldon 5 years ago

Hard work has certainly paid off with this gem of a house ...it's absoutely breathtaking!

Mindy Halligan 5 years ago

Beautiful would love to see the inside!!

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