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FUBO in United States

small front yard in a cozy co op. we have a 6x8 lawn. two flower beds along the front of the house 6x3 each and a hedge wall by the front fence

Before & After Curb Appeal Flower Close-ups Front Yard Lawn Path / Walkway Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

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It's cute. You can also get two large pots and put on each side of the door just plop the on the dirt. Try rose bush they come back every year and take a beating. The little beige planter, is so pretty - you can put that right next to the "Home" sign up against the steps. These will look nice against the nice steps, it's like the plants are hugging the steps, like a beautiful walkway. The reds, plums, purple and burgundies will compliment the color of the brick.

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