Cape in the Pines

Almost 2 acres surrounded by 50-70' white pines. All soil, etc has been trucked in over the past 15 years. It is also a Certified Backyard Habitat. This is a casual cottage garden located in the country.

Back Yard Deck Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lighting Side Yard Stone / Rock

1 of 30: Columbine, Sky Blue

2 of 30: Lady's Mantle

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4 of 30: Oakleaf Hydrangea

5 of 30

6 of 30: Blue Hills Salvia

7 of 30: Path through the garden

8 of 30: Hardscape

9 of 30: Path through the garden, early spring

10 of 30: Foxglove - all volunteers

11 of 30: Hosta garden under crabapple tree

12 of 30: Spilt Milk hosta

13 of 30: Immortality reblooming iris

14 of 30: White astilbe

15 of 30: Backyard on an early spring evening

16 of 30

17 of 30

18 of 30: Painted Palette

19 of 30

20 of 30

21 of 30: Oriental Poppy

22 of 30: Stacked herb beds

23 of 30

24 of 30

25 of 30: White Christmas

26 of 30

27 of 30: Allium

28 of 30: Papever Somniferum

29 of 30: Second stacked herb bed with grape arbor in back. Bed contains germander, curly, french and broad leaf chives.

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Comments / Questions

Kristin, thanks for all the good ideas you have given me! I especially love your stacking herb beds and picket-fenced garden area. The yard you have created is mind-blowing... you've combined the elements of design and color in a magical way. Congrats!!!

I enjoyed walking through your gardens. Your use of texture, heights and color are absolutely stunning.

Lovely yard, lovely flowers. Not surprisingly, we grow many of the same plants -- you're problably in zone 6, too, am I right? You have my vote!

I am a great fan of hostas. Your collection is beautiful.

Hi! I read your comment to visit your garden and yes it is truly inspiring. The flowers are stunning. I often wish my region/zone (Zone 10/South Florida) would allow for the flower choices of the North. South Florida is so hot and humid that our choices are somewhat limited. I have recently been purchasing different flowering plants on-line in order to test and see if they will survive the heat here. I am finding that Day Lilies seem to do well and have found some Irises that also thrive.

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