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ashleyd192002 in Eagle Lake, FL

my front yard is on a down slope. Its seems like every time it rains the water rushes off the roof and pushes the dirt down hill....My yard is basically and old orange grove that they put a housing development on and didnt level the land out totally. Only leveled the land to build the house on and thats it. I have tried planting trees in the front yard and no tree has survived because all of the water runs down hill.

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Hi, Betsey..
Thank you for all of your lovely ideas for my yard..... I planted hibiscus all along the front of my house.... I will try to figure out how to update my account so I can show what I did to my yard... And to answer your question from earlier, yes I own my place.... again, thanks For all of the advice... I really appreciate it!!!


Hi Ashley, Have you considered trying marsh based plants (papyrus, various water grasses, swamp hibiscus) or other water loving plants. If you own the property, you could consider small terraces with outflows that would allow the water to flow downhill the way you want. Start near the house with the less water loving plants (hibiscus, euphorbia, succulents) and plant the more water loving plants down the slope.

I really wish I had a slope to work with. My yard is pancake flat.

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