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Brenda in Daytona Beach, FL

No focal point. No architectural interest.

Front Yard

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I disagree...I think you have a nice yard! I love window boxes so I'm just picturing two at the short windows in the front. I can also see some new shutters to give the front some punch...maybe in the same color as your front door. I can't tell what color it is by the picture. I'd also buy a nice sized front porch light (black or brown so it shows up like yours does now) that hangs down instead of up and overall about 18" from top to bottom.

Hi Brenda. Check out the most recent article in the Yard Ideas tab. We've tried to get you started by providing a few ideas. Please reply in the article comments section with any other information that would help, as well as your approx. budget. Hopefully the community can provide you with the inspiration to get moving on your project! Thanks for sharing!

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