Cottage Garden update

Geraldine Dean in Hickory, NC

Here are some pictures of my flowerbeds next to the house. I added a few new plants, and you can see how much the older plants have grown. You'll also get a better lay of the land, and see how much of a slope my garden is growing on. I added a few pics of what the garden looks like in between it's early Spring and mid-Summer peak times. This is my garden's transitional period. What I like to call, mediocore stage. It's inportant for new gardeners to know that their garden isn't always going to look great, and that's to be expected. I think new gardener's sometimes put too much pressure on themselves and feel as if they failing at gardening if it doesn't look great 365 days a year, because that's just not the case. Please don't let your new found love of gardening be ruined by stress before it has a chance to blossom...:-)

Cottage Garden Front Yard Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Path / Walkway Pond

1 of 6: Garden in between Spring and Summer blooming peak.

2 of 6: Another view of same flowerbed

3 of 6: Flowerbed next to covered back porch. See how much things have growm !

4 of 6: Flowerbed in front.

5 of 6: Close up of same fl. bed.

6 of 6: You can get a better idea of the slope I garden on here.

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I'd be more than glad to Ellie. As it happens, about three seconds after hitting the submit button I thought, hmm...I wonder they are one and the

Hi Geraldine -- I've been searching for you on Facebook, but with no success. I figured you had to have a Facebook account when I sent you the message about YardShare featuring your gardens and you responded to that post. (Maybe you didn't realize that Ellie Gilbert and Coastal Gardener are one and the same.) Anyway, I was hoping to 'friend' you. Let me know if you're interested. . .

Thanks for the news Coastal Gardener, I'll have to check it out. I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely pics of something green and
Are you as ready for Spring as I am ? :)

How nice to see your gardens featured on YardShare's Facebook page. I know you're going to gather many more fans after they see how beautiful they are!

I really appreciate that Coastal Gardener. That means alot being I'm a big fan of yours. I fell in love with your garden the first time I looked at it, and I know several other members feel the same way. Keep the wonderful photos coming, they are very inspiring to all of us gardeners, newbies and oldtimers alike.

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