garden by pond

Sam(Sandy) in Sunbury, OH

This is a perennial garden next to our 1/2 acre pond.It's mostly daisies,coneflowers,loosestrife ,daylilies , black eyed susans and lambsears....I love old fashioned plants Grandma used to have....

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We share property with our SIL and daughter.He is a builder,he built our home & theirs.They own 4 acres and we own three.Unfortunely,they are building another home and the pond is on their acreage.Hopefully,the new owners will care for it like we have....I have put my heart and soul into caring for the pond and the Zen garden.I will miss working with on them...Fortunetly,I have lots of gardens of my own,so I'll keep you updated.Maybe the new owners will want me to keep up the work....I hope so.

Jay & Tiffany's beautiful pond .

Absolutely devine,so tranquil.

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