Above Ground Lap Pool Possibilities

LuxuryLister in Bradenton, FL

My back yard is on a fresh water river where you can dig only a foot and hit water. This makes a difficult situation for building an inground pool inexpensively. I found this great pool and was able to put this together for under 5K!
The yard is mainly deck. There is a fireplace and hot tub and now a lap pool. Anything is possible when you have the internet!

Back Yard Deck Fence Front Yard Pool Spa

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movinoninwichita 3 years ago

Love it. Can you give me the source of your lap pool, they are difficult to find here in KS

silvia 7 years ago

this very nice ,i really like it..

Terri 7 years ago

Hi love what you did. We experinced a similar situation with our home on the Neuse Rive. We also went with an above ground pool. I really like what you've done, it looks terrific.

Karen W 7 years ago

Looks good, but why not show the rest of the yard. It sounds nice.

LuxuryLister 7 years ago

Photo one is after two years. My how things have grown. We added a ladder and furniture. By the way this is an ABOVE GROUND POOL!

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