Above Ground Lap Pool Possibilities

LuxuryLister in Bradenton, FL

My back yard is on a fresh water river where you can dig only a foot and hit water. This makes a difficult situation for building an inground pool inexpensively. I found this great pool and was able to put this together for under 5K!
The yard is mainly deck. There is a fireplace and hot tub and now a lap pool. Anything is possible when you have the internet!

Back Yard Deck Fence Front Yard Pool Spa

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Love it. Can you give me the source of your lap pool, they are difficult to find here in KS


this very nice ,i really like it..


Hi love what you did. We experinced a similar situation with our home on the Neuse Rive. We also went with an above ground pool. I really like what you've done, it looks terrific.

Looks good, but why not show the rest of the yard. It sounds nice.


Photo one is after two years. My how things have grown. We added a ladder and furniture. By the way this is an ABOVE GROUND POOL!

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