Paradise Found

Paradise Found in Lihue, HI

We bought this house "on the cliff" to remodel and sell, but after a cosmetic remodel, then a complete demolition,and rebuilt, (yes, in that order?) we then decided to make this our home. This is what we did with the Yard!

Back Yard Deck Hardscape Lighting Patio Pool

1 of 5: Indoor Outdoor living is key in this house, with the year round climate that permits the lifestyle

2 of 5: Each sunset, more beautiful than the last, yet it never gets old. The perfect yard, where God is the Gardener.

3 of 5: The expansive deck runs the entire width of the house allowing a view of the beautiful Hawaii we call Home.

4 of 5: From our pool we are able to view the majestic mountains, and Royal Hawaiian Lands that are a precious part of our magnificent planet.

5 of 5: We are enjoying every inch of our home, with God as an artist, it just doesn't get any better.

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OMG. What an incredible design! You have captured that "indoor/outdoor" feel perfectly with disappearing walls. I love what I can see of your decor.. and the view....breathtaking. I would just love to sit with you and watch the sunset over your infinity pool sipping a glass of wine and piece of pizza!

STUNNING! What a wonderful view to wake up to and have your first cup of coffee. The sounds and smells must be wonderful. Where are you located? Enjoy your God given paradise.

I live in New Orleans and when I saw your place it took my breath away you see the biggest hill we have here is a levee. nWonderful living gods country.Check out our place Ron & Eydies rock garden pond.


WOW - I love that your design is not meant to compete with the surroundings but to enjoy them - I would love to see more pictures

Beutiful View, I can see why you decided to stay.

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