The Path to My Garden is Never Long

Nancy Norton in Juneau, AK

We moved here in 2003 to a backyard of overgrown wild foliage and cottonwood trees. On my hands and knees I was relentless at pulling weeds. When I started designing gardens, I had to take into consideration that we have two big dogs. I also wanted pathways to wonder through the gardens as well as sitting areas. I wanted "eye candy" around every bend. So my gardens are dog friendly. "Rooms" were built around existing dog trails and plants are dog hardy. If a wayward ball got thrown into a garden and the dogs went running after it, they had to be strong to survive. So I don't grow a lot of tender perennial plants. I'm mindful of the dogs needing room to run and they have proven that they can stay on the trails and paths I provide. On any given day you can find a grandchild wondering down the paths, straining their necks to see new wonders. The creek bed was created to hide a french drain and there's even a sandy beach for the grandkids to play on. So not only is this a dog friendly yard, but kid friendly as well. Perfect for a busy family! Welcome to my garden!

Back Yard Firepit Fun for Kids Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway

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awhile back you asked about greenhouse stuff...I tried to comment on your blog but you musta not seen me...In our Fox Gardens on yardshare I have a whole garden show on how i added on to our greenhouse...check that if you wish...and please ask again if you want any other info...Gary & Teresa

Very nice work indeed !! its good to see another garden from Alaska here. We are 150 miles south of artic circle so I wish we could grow some more beauties like yours...very nice accents also...we enjoyed the show ! Gary & Teresa

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