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Lark in Dousman, WI

In my Wisconsin zone 4-5 landscape I have created some inexpensive ways to brighten up the yard and garden. Using found objects and recycling. If you like to chat about gardening, learn and share tips & techniques come and join in my forum www.larksperennials.com

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1 of 30: The birds and butterflies love this shallow water feature. It is made of copper tubing and pipe. The shallow glass dish was a thrift store find.

2 of 30: The Honeysuckle Vine is SO fragrant and the Mandevilla Vine has to come in before our first frost.

3 of 30: I found a silo ladder that was cut into several pieces at our recycling center. My husband and I bent them around our old oak tree to form small arches. I placed them in several places in the garden to grow vines on them. This way I can still plant under the arch.

4 of 30: I staple gunned concrete reinforcement squares to the 4x4 and wove copper tubing around and through it for interest. Nicobe Clematis grows on it. I picked up some metal butterflies at a thrift shop and wired them to the trellis.

5 of 30: This is Nomoe. As in no more dog. My 16 year old Schnoodle died a few years ago. Major heartbreak for me so I decided no more dogs. My Dad gave me \'Nomoe\' as a gift...she is so well behaved. LOL I glued in glass BLUE eyes and a BLUE water dish.

6 of 30: Inverted votive cups act as bellflowers for my Wisconsin Winter garden. LOL

7 of 30: The last couple of years I have tried veggie gardening in pots. Each year I learn something new. I ended up moving these pots to the eastside of the shed where is wasn\'t quite as hot as the southside.

8 of 30: My red votive cups (bellflowers) accent the red Beebalm and definitely add Winter interest.

9 of 30: Another thrift store find, a giant birdcage is a focal point on my patio.

10 of 30: This is a Trumpet Vine which I have trained into a tree. The hummingbirds like to hang around here.

11 of 30: A very large arch that my lady friend welded for me. It has four vines on it to give me flowers almost all seasons. Jackmanni Clematis, Trumpet Vine, Climbing Hydrangea and Sweet Autumn Clematis.

12 of 30: This is a teapot that I use as a nesting box for the birds.

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18 of 30: A blue metal youth bed was welded together by a lady friend of mine. I have a \'Sweet Autumn\' Clematis growing up it.

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20 of 30: This is a roof vent off of a barn. I put a BLUE glass vase on top where a lightning rod once was. This is a monument for my decised dog, Cinder.

21 of 30: Another sculpture I created from a bicycle rim, chimney brush, BLUE glass plates and vase. It rotates and the other side has several metal dumpster finds.

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25 of 30: This window box was a first time try for me. This is on the southside of the shed...intense sun. I used Miracle Grow potting mix with the waterpalmers and fertilizer all in. I only had to water once daily. I also used that mix in the veggie pots.

26 of 30: In July you can see I moved the veggie pots to the eastside, worked out great.

27 of 30: This Blue Heron was spotted in my wetland area.

28 of 30: Shallow stainless steel tray is a great birdbath for small birds and butterflies.

29 of 30: This gazing ball my Grandchildren cannot break.

30 of 30: Purchased at a local artists fair...$100.00 I\'ll never spend that again! Spoons for eyes and a old chemical duster for the body.

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I love the way you were able to recycle so many things for the yard.The colored glass items are very pretty.

I enjoyed every picture, thanks so much for sharing!

I love your imagination!looks great!

Great pictures Lark. You've been an important contributor to YardShare. I've enjoyed all of your yards.

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