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Lark in Dousman, WI

www.larksperennials.com My husband and I have worked on our yard for 13 years. We are now retired and enjoying gardening and landscaping. We have done all the work ourselves. I do the gardens and he does the hardscape, grass, shrubs and the woods. We are located in Wisconsin zone 4-5.

Curb Appeal Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway

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4 of 18: The deep blue flower in that chair is a new variety of petunia \'Supertunia, Royal Velvet\'. No deadheading and just keeps blooming and blooming.

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11 of 18: The hot pink plant is something I picked up at our local Farmers Market. The lady called it a bloodleaf plant. In Wisconsin I grow it as a houseplant and take cuttings for Spring. Its brilliant color looks good all the time. The purple hanging plant is also a houseplant I call Moses in the Bullrush. I think it is in the spiderwort family. Golden Scepter Hosta is peeking through.

12 of 18: PeeGee Hydrangea Tree that was planted Fall of 2007 and made it through our severe Wisconsin 4/5 Winter. My husband chicken wires the trunk so the bunnies don\'t eat it over Winter.

13 of 18: Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming, tiny white fragrant flowers. In Spring there is Dr. Ruppel Clematis and William Baffin Climbing Rose which the Bunnies ate down to 10inches last Winter. Oh well it is coming back. I will chicken wire it for the Winter.

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Your hardwork shows well. Lovely home w/beautiful yard!

Bill and Barb

Thank you Lark & Dave for peeking at our backyard... I see you are in Dousman.. my cousin had a place on Pretty Lake(?) near there... we would go there for family get-togethers when I was young (40 years ago!) A very beautiful area, and your nice gardens and yard reflect it nicely. Wish we had that much room!

Lark to answer your question about this (n) I don't type that in I think it gets there somehow when it goes through YARDSHARE. Lark I think Renee is right from (11/5/08) commit you all must spend a lot of wonderful time in your garden of flowers your backs are made of steel. I'm with Jeff Trader MERRY CHRISTMAS. nY'all take care nRon & Eydie from New Orleans nP.S. My E-Mail- (ron_barber@bellsouth.net)

Jeff Trader

Lark: Outstanding work!! Congratulations. I am thinking of adding Sweet Autumn Clematis to my garden after seeing Dave and your success! Consider a Patio Peach from Stein's next year. Great dark purple foliage and tasty fruit in a compact plant. I saw it on the Waukesha garden tour last summer and planted on this fall. As a side note, reflecting on a comment made above, Glucosimine and Chondroitin have allowed me to spend hours on my knees without pain. It is after Thanksgiving, so I think I can

Diane (Avanti)

I love your work...where are you located?

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